Watch Vlogs by Korean Celebrities on V App

There’s an app from Naver called “V” where Korean idols and actors broadcast their own fabulous selves live for fans, like a selfie… but video, or live vlog. There are also recorded shows that are made special for V.
The app is available for free download on Google Play and iTunes, and you can also watch the live shows and recorded videos on the website:

For Android:


They all speak in Korean, of course. English/Chinese subtitles are provided, sometimes, maybe if the artist is really popular. If you log in, you can subscribe to your favorite artists/groups and see the daily/monthly schedule of the shows, and the app will alert you when they broadcast something new.

You can leave messages and click ‘hearts’ while you’re watching to show your love and appreciation for your favorite artists.

I watched Taemin’s (of SHINee) surprise live broadcast to tell fans about his coming new solo album yesterday. Watch here with English subtitles: He looks even prettier than before. Is that just makeup or…? Anyway, I liked his first solo album so I’ll be looking forward to this one, too.

Lee Hong Gi on V App

Also, yesterday I watched an old video of Lee Hong Gi (of FTISLAND) in which he sang because fans clicked 5 million hearts during his show: I’m into N.Flying right now so I found it funny when Lee Hong Gi sang one of N.Flying’s songs and he complained that there’s too much English in the lyrics (50:20). ###


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