Download Free Korean Textbooks for EPS-TOPIK

EPS-TOPIK TextbookI’m not sure what EPS-TOPIK (Employment Permit System – Test of Proficiency in Korean) is, and I don’t know how and where you can apply for it, so please don’t ask me. I understand it as a Korean proficiency test for foreigners who want to work in South Korea. At the official website, EPS-TOPIK textbooks in pdf and mp3 audio files to learn basic Korean are available for free download. I downloaded the files and in a glance, I think they can also be useful for anyone who wants to learn Korean on their own. There are 2 editions: the existing edition and the revised one. The revised edition is better. The books are written both in Korean and English, with exercises problems, audio files, and colorful illustrations.

Download the revised edition here:

Sometimes the file names are unreadable so you need to rename the files to .pdf or .mp3 so your computer can open the files properly. ###

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