I Don’t Know What 뭔가 아련하다 Means

Jinyoung’s voice message: https://www.flitto.com/twitter/144/2026510

I learned Korean from Jinyoung of B1A4 because he left a voice message for BANA (B1A4’s fans/fan club) on Flitto today. He spoke slowly and so sweetly♡ but still I missed a lot of parts. According to the script written by Korean fans, he said 맞아주셔 가지고, but no matter how many times I replayed that part, I could only hear 맞아주어 가지고. My ears tricked me or what.
And I don’t know what he meant by 뭔가 아련하다 about the song he recommended. According to Naver dictionary, 아련하다 means ‘faint, vague, not so clear’ but I don’t think it’s the right definition to describe a song. Somewhere on the internet, a Japanese translated 아련하다 as ‘悶々とする’ (to suffer agony) and so I translated it as ‘heart-wrenching’ but I’m not sure. 아시는 분 가르쳐 주세요.

Here’s the script by Korean fans on Flitto and English translation by me (but English is not my first language so don’t quote me):

여러분 안녕하세요, 진영이에요.
Hello, everyone, I’m Jinyoung.

인사가 좀 많이 늦었죠?
I’m so late in giving you my greetings, aren’t I?

저희는 해외투어를 잘 마치고 한국에 도착을 했어요.
We have arrived in Korea after finishing our overseas tour.

오랜만에 한국에 와서 공항에 도착했을 때
When we arrived in Korea after being away for a while, at the airport

팬분들께서 너무 반갑게 맞아주셔 가지고
fans gave us a warm welcome, and

너무 기분이 좋았습니다.
I felt really happy about it.

저희도 팬분들 많이 보고싶었는데
We, too, missed our fans a lot,

이렇게 보게 돼서 힘을 정말 많이 받아간 것 같아요.
so we received a lot of energy by meeting fans like this.

우리 바나들이 힘 많이 주셨으니까
Because our BANA gave us a lot of energy,

저도 노래 하나 추천해 드릴께요.
I will recommend one song.

메리 J. 블라이즈의 I Am 이라는 노랜데
It’s a song called I Am by Mary J.Blige,

가사가 나만큼 너를 사랑해주는 사람이 없을거야 라는 가사인데
the lyrics say that there will be no one else who can love you like I do,

뭔가 아련하고
it’s somehow heart-wrenching

되게 듣기 좋아요.
and very good to listen to.

오늘 이 노래 들으시면서
Today, while listening to this song

여러분 좋은 하루 보내시길 바랄께요.
I hope that everyone has a good day today.

언제나 응원합니다 우리 바나들!
I will always root for you, our BANA!

Thank you.

I love you.

Good bye. ###


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