Kumon EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Textbook

My 6-year-old daughter is learning English at Kumon. Yesterday, she passed B-level test and got a new textbook for the next level, level C… whatever that means. She was happy to get a new toy from her teacher because she passed a level. (I don’t agree with bribing children to study but… oh well).

Oh, we’re Indonesians and we speak Indonesian at home.


Kumon English Textbook and CD

Kumon method for learning English is, I think, listening (from CD), reading aloud, and writing practices every day.


Inside the textbook

As you can see, at her level now, the sentences that she needs to be able to understand are very simple. More complex sentences are for higher levels. Grammar explanation is not given at all. She is supposed to make conclusions about grammar on her own from the patterns, maybe. She’s six, after all. Grammatical terms like adjectives, nouns, etc. will just confuse her.

At first, I hesitated to let her take English classes at Kumon, because she couldn’t even read or write very well in Indonesian yet (which is normal for a 6-year-old), doing homework every single day sounds boring to me, and the class didn’t seem fun (the children were just doing worksheets alone on their own…). But she insisted…


Homework, 5-10 minutes a day

and she’s been doing pretty well. I’m amazed at her perfect English pronunciation and accent. She often glefully repeats lines from cartoons she watched. (“But the sun is a star, Darwin!”). I guess she doesn’t mind doing homework every day because English is useful for her… for her own purpose… which is to watch cartoons.

If she can learn English word by word, sentence by sentence every day, I can do the same with Korean, too. ###


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