Jaehyo (Block B) Left a Voice Message on Flitto

Block B was doing an opening show for their new show “블락비의 예능공작소” on V app 2 days ago and I watched it live. Watch it here with English subtitles: http://www.vlive.tv/video/5936/
They’re as silly as comedians so I’ll be looking forward to the new show.

Block B on V app.jpg

Soon after, Jaehyo left a voice message on Flitto so I had my laptop ready and studied.

By the way, Block B is having a hashtag event on Twitter and a Korean fan tweeted this GIF about Jaehyo, at the end of their performance of the song “Very Good” on SBS MTV. So funny, I just can’t stop laughing.

Jaehyo’s voice message on Flitto: https://www.flitto.com/twitter/409/2030674

Script and translation:


오랜만에 저희가 블락비 일곱명 모두 다 생방송으로 V앱을 했습니다.
For the first time in a long time, we Block B had our live show on V app, with all 7 of us.

즐거운 시간이었나요?
Did you have a good time?

아주 간만에 이렇게 생방송으로 팬분들과 소통하는 거여서
Because it was the first time after a while that we could communicate with fans on a live show like that,

굉장히 행복했답니다.
I was very happy.

그리고 저희가 이제 곧 앨범이 나오고
And then, we will have our album released very soon, and

블락비도 활동을 시작합니다.
start Block B’s activities.

뭔가 조금 팬분들이 많이 떠나지 않았나
Somehow I’m a little worried whether a lot of our fans have left us,

공백기가 길지 않았나란 부담감이 있지만
whether our hiatus was too long,
all those kind of things burden my mind, but

우리 모두 으싸으싸 화이팅해서 잘하도록 해봅시다.
let’s all of us try and do our best.


그럼 빠이빠이.
Well, then, bye bye.###


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