KBS World Radio Sent Me A Gift

This is totally unexpected but KBS World Radio in Korea sent me a package! I didn’t remember applying for anything recently but of course I was excited when I received it from the postman.

A Package from KBS World in Korea

An airmail package from KBS World Radio

It turned out that the package was from KBS World Radio – Indonesian Broadcast (http://world.kbs.co.kr/indonesian/).

I got a 부채 (fan) illustrated with photos of the DJs, 2 postcards, a brochure, listeners’ reports sheets (maybe I should fill these in with my opinions about their programs), and a small gift box with a message on it. It says in Indonesian: congratulations on winning the 1st anniversary event of KBS World Radio app.


What Inside

And then I remembered that I never got my prize from their event last year. I sent an e-mail asking about it and they replied that it was already sent so I just assumed it was lost in the mail because sometimes it happens. So maybe KBS World Radio sent me this gift now to replace for the lost one? How nice of them! Or maybe I just forgot that I applied for the event. One of these two. 아무튼… 땡 잡았어! Yay!

I unwrapped the box and was thrilled to find what inside.

Bluetooth Earphoness

A wireless earphones with microphone. Red, my favorite color. There’s a small print “KBS World Radio” on the controller.

The Back

Thank you, KBS World Radio. I love it. 감사합니다. 잘 쓸게요. (=I will use it well). But wait, I don’t know how to use it. There must be a manual, right? And there it is… a user manual, written all in Korean. No English translation at all.


Thankfully, the instruction was simple enough that I can understand it. Phew… crisis averted. The sound is better than my cheap earphones and I also got a small red pocket to keep the earphones.  But I think it’s a little odd that KBS World didn’t consider their foreign listeners who can’t read Korean.

And that reminds me of something I read in a Japanese book about learning English: “Everybody can speak but only the educated ones can read and write“. I thought that was funny… so I’m “the educated one”? I myself think that, because as individual, we all have different strengths and weaknesses, different interests and preferences, and we also lead different kind of lifestyles, learning a foreign language is a unique and personal journey. Mocking people who learn differently and progress in different ways than you do is just a sign of your immaturity. (And I myself need to remember this!). ###

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