I Bought 기가 막혀(Awesome) – N.Flying 1st Mini Album

After KonMari, I started to see the benefits of having less stuff so I’ve been telling myself not to buy CD and just purchase songs on iTunes. Cheaper and I don’t have to discard them when they don’t “spark joy” anymore.

My CD and DVD collection

My CD collection, most of them K-pop.

So I’ve been trying to keep my CD collection small.

But then I found N.Flying and I like them so much and I just want to have one of their CDs. After a lot of soul-searching (?), I finally ordered N.Flying’s 1st mini album, 기가 막혀 (Awesome), on YES24Indonesia, 2 weeks ago.

Awesome  - N.Flying

And then the CD arrived! It’s so pretty! (I can say 기가막혀! 너무 예뻐! here. I think. ) It was 8 times more expensive than the album on iTunes (Indonesia) and the album doesn’t include the Chinese version of the song 기가 막혀 but I don’t care.

Photo Card and Sticker

I got the photo card of Lee Seung Hyub, the main vocal and rapper, and a sticker of illustrations drawn by members.

Please survive, N.Flying. Don’t disband after 3 years… 화이팅~♥

The lyrics on Naver Music: http://music.naver.com/album/index.nhn?albumId=544311

I think I will stick to iTunes, from now on. Maybe. I can’t promise. Wait, I remember the lyrics…
♪다시는 이런 일 없다고 약속 못 해 (=I can’t promise it won’t happen again).
From the song “Knock Knock” also by N.Flying, but not this album.

Now I will teach you Korean. Bwahaha.

기가 막혀 is pronounced [기가 마켜],  literally:
기= spirit, energy
막히다 = to be clogged
and it has 2 meanings: it can be a compliment for someone or something that is very good, or it can be an expression to scold someone or something that is very bad. So basically you can use this when you’re very surprised because something or someone is very good/very beautiful/very delicious/very skillful, etc. or very bad/very rude/very stupid/very aweful etc. Just watch Korean drama! 🙂 The title of N.Flying’s song itself is translated as “awesome” or “unbelievable”.

Check also: 기가 막히다 on Naver Dictionary. ###


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