From ‘Urimal365’ Website, About Word Spacing For ‘씨’

I mainly learn Korean from textbooks
and all textbooks I used write a name and 씨 separately, with a space between.
For example: 김영 씨 (Mr. Kim Young).
I took it for granted that it was just one of the rules and everybody knew about it.
But then, I got a chance to read a newly published Korean language reference book for review, and the author  didn’t put a space between a name and 씨, like this: 김영씨.
응…? o_O

I searched “씨” “띄어쓰기”(word spacing) on Google and found my answer here: ≪쉼표, 마침표.≫ 국립국어원 온라인 소식지/ Comma, Period – National Institute of Korean Language Online Newsletter

You can find many Q&As about Korean language there Korean).
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성이나 성명, 이름 뒤에 붙는 ‘씨’는 붙여 써야 할까요, 띄어 써야 할까요?
Should ‘씨’ which comes after family name, first name, or full name be written with a space between or not?

성이나 성명, 이름 뒤에 덧붙는 호칭어는 앞말과 띄어 써야 합니다.
The term of address (호칭어) which comes after family name, first name, or full name should be written separately.

따라서 ‘홍 씨/홍길동 씨/길동 씨’로 적는 것이 맞습니다.
So it’s correct to write this way:’홍 씨/홍길동 씨/길동 씨’.

이외에도 ‘군’, ‘양’, ‘옹’, ‘님’ 등이 있는데,
Other than this, other terms of address, such as:‘군’, ‘양’, ‘옹’, ‘님’, etc,

각각 ‘홍길동 군, 홍길동 양, 홍길동 옹, 홍길동 님’처럼 역시 띄어 써야 합니다.
each of them should be written separately as well: ‘홍길동 군, 홍길동 양, 홍길동 옹, 홍길동 님’.

한편, 성이나 성명, 이름 다음에 오는 관직명도 띄어 씁니다. 예를 들어 ‘홍길동 과장/홍 과장’이 바른 표현입니다.
On the other hand, a job title that comes after family name, full name, or first name should also be written separately. For example: ‘홍길동 과장/홍 과장’.
※(과장=chief of a section in a company)


And so I lost interest in reviewing the book. I just don’t want to point out all the small mistakes, I mean, it could be a good book. Besides, I already lost the right to open it on  Adobe Digital Edition.
출판사 님, 모처럼 좋은 기회를 주셨는데 정말 죄송합니다. ###


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