Failed Attempt to Contribute Translation on YouTube

Today I found that I could contribute translation/subtitles to this video on YouTube: a song ‘2016 I Love You’ by Jung Joon Young on JTBC’s YouTube channel.

I never did it before, and because I liked this song by Jung Joon Young, I thought why not, so I started clicking and dragging around to figure out how to do it.


Editing my Japanese subtitles on YouTube

I spent like an hour to translate the Korean lyrics into Japanese and set the timing. I clicked save and send for review once. And then I thought, wait, I needed to change this one word so I clicked edit again. I changed my mind immediately. I didn’t click finish or send or whatever, and just closed the browser window, thinking it was already saved the first time anyway.

You’ve guessed what happened next. My translation is all gone. Disappeared without a trace.😭

제가 고생한 시간이 물거품이 돼버렸네요. (All my time and efforts went down the drain.)
짜증이 나 죽겠어요.😠 (I’m so annoyed.) ###

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