I Bought My First Japanese Audiobook on FeBe

Web bookstore for Japanese Audiobooks: http://www.febe.jp/ (all in Japanese).
FeBe Audiobook App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.febe.febeapp


Listening to Japanese Audiobook with FeBe app

I’ve heard about FeBe for a long time but I was worried that I would get trouble shopping for digital audiobooks on FeBe because once upon a time I couldn’t open e-books I bought on Honto and the customer service people there simply replied that they don’t really serve shoppers who live in foreign countries, and no, I can’t get my money back.💸

Today I registered on FeBe and bought audiobook version of this popular Japanese book about minimalist lifestyle: ぼくたちに、もうモノは必要ない。 – 断捨離からミニマリストへ – (We Don’t Need Stuff Anymore. -From ‘Danshari‘ To Minimalist-) written by 佐々木 典士 ( Fumio Sasaki) http://www.febe.jp/product/232629
Danshari is a decluttering method/philosophy popular in Japan, other than KonMari Method.

The audio book is read by a real person (voice actor), not a machine. You can listen to preview first, you can change the speed of the speech, you can leave ‘bookmarks’, you can transfer the mp3 files to a CD, etc.

I already read and loved the e-book version that I bought on Neowing Japan and I want to re-read again and again. I thought listening to it over and over again while doing other things (washing the dishes, cleaning the house, etc.) is more …feasible (?) than sitting down and reading it again on my tablet. Besides, I just got a new wireless earphones. 🎧 So I thought audiobooks would be great.

It was just a smooth experience for me. FeBe is great, even if you’re not Japanese and don’t live in Japan, it’s easy to navigate the app and the website. You only need to know Japanese and have a credit card (and good internet connection💁).

I found a YouTube video about the Korean version of the Japanese book 나는 단순하게 살기로 했다 (I Decided To Live Simple)  by 사사키 후미오 (Fumio Sasaki).

I don’t think I can be a minimalist -for starters, my husband won’t let me throw away the beds or sofa or TV- but I like the idea of having less stuff. Less clutter. Less time needed to clean. More time to do more important things, like learning Korean. I also like the feeling of having ‘just enough’ and not comparing my life to others. ###



10 thoughts on “I Bought My First Japanese Audiobook on FeBe

  1. I totally get what you mean. I tried buying digital music from Recochoku because I wanted to download Japanese music and in the terms and conditions it says they do not serve customers not in Japan. The thing is this is digital music. You could just easily download, why the restrictions and plus they are losing out on making money from potential oversea customers. It also did not work when I tried to download Japanese music from Amazon Japan and its weird because I went through all the trouble of buying a 215 yen Amazon Japan gift card specifically to download one music download from a Japanese solo artist I love. I think it might have been because the site detected I wasn’t in Japan, so the transaction didn’t go through. Can’t say this is such a good thing since a lot of people are missing out on maximizing profit and customers like me could also not be from Japan but would still love to buy and hear Japanese music.


    • I’ve had the same problem when trying to get Japanese (electronic) media. I’ve heard some people use a VPN when buying through Amazon Japan but sometimes that quits working when they figure out the buyer isn’t really in Japan :/ Honestly I would buy so many ebooks (my preferred method for Japanese books, because lol kanji) if they were just made available to us 😦 Here’s an article I read that goes into why Japan has so many restrictions on digital media: https://t.co/TnuVKJZlGa

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    • Thanks, Alina! Yeah. I have heard about the VPN thing. Or using a proxy but I worry on how safe that is for my computer and not only that but why must I go through all this trouble in the first place? Seems crazy.

      Thanks for the article. Totally going to read so I can understand why they would set such unreasonable restrictions.


    • That’s definitely an issue too. It’s one of the reasons I don’t like to stream from unauthorized sites too much as well (which, come to think of it, makes it pretty hard to watch Japanese shows too haha…)

      But yeah I agree with you. It really just seems like a shame to give up the rest of the market for digital media when it’s one of the most easily exported products. There’s virtually no overhead or shipping costs, and probably a minimal amount of additional web infrastructure…

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  2. Thank you for all the long comments, Alina 님 and Cassandra 님. I thought WordPress mistakenly put your comments here. 🙂 The article on RocketNews is interesting, thanks. Other than strict agencies, Japan is very strict about copyrights, contracts, legal stuff, and making sure everyone get paid. I listen to Japanese podcasts taken from radio programs and the DJ always says sorry he/she can’t broadcast radio commercials and songs on the internet because they will have to ask permission and, I assume, pay fee for doing that. I know that when NHK World Radio translates a song for their newsletter, they pay fee to JASRAC. Maybe things get more complicated when they want to sell digital products abroad.
    Maybe because Japan is already one of the biggest market in the world, they didn’t feel it necessary to promote to the world. I think it’s changing, though. We can just wait in anticipation. 🙂


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