Today’s “Mune-Kyun”❤❤

There’s a new K-pop song released: 야 하고 싶어 (CALL YOU BAE) by JIMIN 지민 (of AOA) Feat. XIUMIN (시우민) (of EXO).

Watch the music video with English subtitles:

Lyrics on Naver Music:

The song and the music video and the two of them together… I love it. It’s just super cute.

It causes a sweet feeling to my heart, or what they call “mune-kyun” (胸キュン)❤❤ in Japanese, like when I watch a good romantic J-drama. It doesn’t happen very often so I bought the song on iTunes.

I studied the lyrics, looked up all the words I didn’t know (좁혀지다, 예의 없다, 삐까뻔쩍 광나, 밀착, and 뭉실뭉실), and I will enjoy this feeling of “mune-kyun” as long as it lasts.❤❤

How do you say “mune-kyun” in Korean? Maybe 심쿵? ###

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