My Korean Textbook Collection

I finished listening to the Japanese audio book I just bought on FeBe and it made me feel want to organize my bookshelves, again. Because listening about minimalist lifestyle will make you want to discard stuff you don’t need anymore. This morning I gave the books I didn’t want anymore to my maid so she could sell them for a little money. She took away all the books before my husband got up. (Never discard your stuff while a family member is watching. They will want to ‘save’ your unwanted stuff and bring them back in again and then your house will stay cluttered. KonMari’s advice).

Actually, I still keep 50 books that I already read but I can’t get rid of because I remember I liked them. I just can’t do it today. I’ll wait until I’m mentally ready to part with them.

Even so, I feel light, relieved, liberated, at peace… and very tired. The process of deciding whether to keep or not to keep takes a lot of energy.

But anyway, now I can show you my Korean textbook collection…!

Sorry for the crappy pictures. It’s already dark, the lighting in my house is bad, and the camera on my tablet is also not that great.

Korean Dictionaries

Korean Dictionaries

Here I have 2 Korean grammar dictionaries (one, written all in Korean, and another one in Japanese), 1 Japanese grammar dictionary for Korean speakers, and 1 Korean slang dictionary in Japanese. I hardly use them. But I like them. I should be needing these when I start practicing writing in Korean. Soon. ✏

Korean Textbooks - Basic

Korean textbooks for beginners or basic level

I have 19 Korean textbooks for basic level. That many? I must be crazy. What’s wrong with me? I finished 10 of them. I really need to read the other 9. I will. 😊

Korean Textbooks - Intermediate

Korean textbooks for intermediate level

18 books for intermediate level. I finished 9, haven’t touched the other 9. 😊

Korean Textbooks - Advanced

Korean textbooks for advanced level

That’s… 32 books for advanced level and I only finished 8. Maybe it was a bad idea to stock too many advanced level textbooks while I was still learning basic or intermediate but I just couldn’t help myself. They all looked very interesting. They still do. I should start reading something from this shelf.😁

Korean novels, magazines, etc.

Korean magazines, children’s picture books, novels, and essay books.

And here is the non-textbook reading material (magazines, novels, essay books, and picture books) and some magazines for learning Korean in Japanese (magazine name: ‘hana’). There are 37 books, but some titles overlap because there are also Indonesian and Japanese version in there. I only finished reading all the picture books and somewhere in the middle for the rest of them. They’re hard. I got bored. 😁


What will I do next?

I don’t know.

I think I will start reading “Korean Grammar in Use – Basic” tomorrow. I really need to start paying attention to basic conjugation, word spacing, and stuff before I start writing to answer TOPIK essay questions.☝ But I don’t know. I might change my mind. But at least now I know that I have enough Korean books for a lifetime, or two. 😁 ###


2 thoughts on “My Korean Textbook Collection

  1. Thanks a lot for all your helpful posts on learning Korean! Your post on CUK Quick Korean was especially insightful on such a brilliant platform for a beginner like me. If I were to get some textbooks from beginner and intermediate level, would there be a particular book that you’d highly recommend? I’d like to take TOPIK someday too! Would love to hear from you, could you maybe drop me an email?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think it depends on your personal preferences. Everybody is different. I don’t like classroom textbooks like Yonsei Korean, Sogang, or Ewha Korean series but other people swear by them. I like ready-to-use phrasebooks and Korean grammar dictionaries but other people hate them. You should go to bookstore if possible and see for yourself. Pick one for your level that you like the most. And then get another one for higher level and continue. I’m too lazy to answer e-mails, I will end up not replying. Sorry. Good luck with your journey! 아자 아자 화이팅!


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