My Favorite K-Indie Song: “Americano” (아메리카노) by 10cm

I was watching a video on Quick Korean’s channel: [3 minute Korean Lectures] 19. 외식 (Eating Out) on YouTube and this expression showed up:

Please take out peanuts.
땅콩은 빼고 주세요.

Please take out peanuts in Korean

And I thought… hey! I remember that expression “빼고 주세요” (please take out).
I learned it from a Korean indie song: Americano by 10cm [십 센치].
But I didn’t remember what 10cm didn’t want in their coffee. 🙂

I searched for the lyrics on Naver Music:

The part with “빼고 주세요”:

🎼어떻게 하노
설탕 설탕 설탕
빼고 주세요 빼고 주세요

(What should I do with sugar? Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. Please take out sugar.)

and this part:

🎼어떻게 하노
시럽 시럽 시럽
빼고 주세요 빼고 주세요
빼고 주세요 빼고 주세요

(What should I do with syrup? Syrup Syrup Syrup. Please take out syrup.)

So they don’t want 설탕 (sugar) and 시럽 (syrup) in their coffee. 🙂

어떻게 하노 is a dialect, not standard Korean, right? From where, I don’t know. Busan?



I remember I was walking barefoot at the beach while listening to the cheerful song and I thought that life was good and I was happy. 🙂

It’s a song from 2010! How time flies. ###


My Favorite K-Indie Song: “Americano” (아메리카노) by 10cm”에 대한 2개의 생각

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