I Thought We Don’t Say “내 어머니”?

Korean Grammar In Use – Beginning, page 79.

Korean Grammar in Use - Beginning

I don’t understand this part.

내 집 (my house) → 우리 집 (my house)
내 가족 (my family) → 우리 가족 (my/our family)
내 어머니 (my mother) → 우리 어머니 (my/our mother)

and so on. (Please look at the picture below).

Does it mean, instead of using 내 집 please use 우리 집? Because 내 집 is not natural?
Or both are OK to use and the book is just showing how to use the word 우리 to replace 내 and 제?

My mother

Because in the past, I learned from a textbook that Koreans don’t say 내 어머니 (my mother), 내 아버지 (my father), and 내 선생님 (my teacher) in daily conversations because those terms sound weird and unnatural. Instead, they say 우리 어머니 (my mother), 우리 아버지 (my father), and 우리 선생님 (my teacher).

I expect a little warning here, like “this is not wrong, but not used in daily conversations, only in special circumstances such as song lyrics or poetry.” But there isn’t any! Did I learn something wrong? Do Koreans use 내 어머니 normally now because time has changed? o_O

あ~もう知らない。아 몰라~  o_O

Someday Korean has answered my question. Thank you! 감사합니다.

I wish they put the little (x) marks to confirm that the ones on the left side are not natural. ###

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