When Someone Liked My Comment

I just came home from watching Kungfu Panda 3 – 3D with my family this evening (we loved the movie, by the way, and the Indonesian subtitles were perfect) and as soon my home wi-fi connected, I got notification that somebody liked my comment in Korean on C-Clown’s Facebook page. It might be a trivial thing but it put a smile on my face. 🙂

I love C-Clown

Facebook is where I use my Korean.

It’s really the little things that keep me going. Learning Korean, I mean.

My comment was: “씨클라운 재결합 아니어도 멤버들 모두 다시 데뷔하는 것을 기다리고 있습니다.”
What I meant to say: “even though C-Clown is not getting back together, I’m waiting for each member’s re-debut”.

I miss C-Clown. But they’re all on Instagram and I get to make dumb comments on their updates so I’m fine. 😀 ###

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