KonMari’s 2nd Book in 3 Languages


I bought Marie Kondo’s second book: 人生がときめく片づけの魔法2 on Neowing.
I also bought the English version of the book: “Spark Joy” on Book Depository.


And then I bought the Korean e-book version: 버리면서 채우는 정리의 기적 on Google Book.

버리면서 채우는 정리의 기적 - 곤도 마리에

And today, I bought the Japanese audiobook version on FeBe. 😀


FeBe app on my tablet

The audiobook is about 6-hour long. I’ll be finished listening to it by tomorrow. I love audiobooks. It’s hard to find time to sit down and read a book for 6 hours, sometimes it takes a whole week for me to finish reading a book, but with audiobook, I can listen while doing other things around the house.

I know it’s contradictory to her message that I bought 4 editions of her 2nd book because her method is about having less stuff. What can I say, KonMari’s books spark joy for me. I’m also thinking of buying her 3rd and 4th books later (available in Japanese and Korean). 😀 ###

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