The Pronunciation of 얼마 동안

Korean Grammar In Use – Beginning – English Version page 155 about 동안.

Korean Grammar in Use - Beginning

In Conversation

얼마 동안 한국에 있을 거예요?
How long will you be in Korea?

3년 동안 있을 거예요.
For three years.

I listened to the audio file from the CD and I thought… hey… the narrator pronounced 얼마 동안 as [얼마똥안]! I always thought that it was pronounced [eol-ma dong-an] but it was clearly pronounced as [eol-ma-ttong-an].

So I asked my Korean teacher, Google 선생님, and found my answer here:

How long in Korean

얼마 동안? = [for] how long? Note the pronunciation: [얼마똥안].

Ooo… 좋은 걸 배웠어요. 😀 ###


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