The Pronunciation of 딸기잼

Korean Grammar In Use – Beginning – English Version page 163, track 101, about -(으)ㄹ 줄 알다/모르다.

딸기잼을 만들 줄 알아요.
I know how to make strawberry jam.


By the way, you can download audio for Korean textbooks published by Darakwon here: It’s free. Use Internet Explorer to download.

I listened to the audio file from the CD and *gasp*, I heard 딸기잼 (strawberry jam) pronounced as [딸기쨈]! It’s not [ttal-gi-jaem], it’s [ttal-gi-jjaem]! 😮

So, of course, I asked my Korean teacher, Google 선생님, and I got my answer here: 국립국어원/National Institute of the Korean Language (NIKL) (in Korean).



빵에 발라먹는 ‘잼’을 보통 ‘쨈’이라고 발음해서
‘잼'(jam) which you spread on a slice of bread is usually pronounced ‘쨈’,

국립국어원에서 검색해보니, 원래 발음은 ‘잼’이던데요.
but when I searched on NIKL, the original pronunciation was ‘잼’.

그러면 딸기잼, 사과잼, 포도잼,
으로 표기해야 하고, 발음도 평음으로 발음해야 하나요?
If that is so, should terms such as 딸기잼 (strawberry jam), 사과잼 (apple jam), 포도잼 (grape jam) written and also pronounced as lax consonants (잼 and not 쨈)?

그런데, 청정원(^^:)에서 나온 잼을 구입했는데 ‘딸기쨈’이라고 표기되어있던데,
이는 표기가 틀린 것인가요?
And also, I bought jam from Cheong-jeong-won and the label says ‘딸기쨈’, is it wrong to write it that way?

궁금해서 질문드려요~^^
I was curious so I asked this question.



외래어의 발음에 표준 발음법을 적용할 수 있는지의 문제는 결정된 바가 없어,
There is no fixed decision about the problem whether the standard rules of pronunciation should be applied on loaned/foreign words,

현재 <표준국어대사전>의 외래어에는 발음 정보가 실려 있지 않습니다.
so there is no information about pronunciation of loaned words included in the present “The Great Dictionary of Standard Korean”. (I don’t know the official English name of this dictionary, but you get the point).

다만 <표준국어대사전>의 내용을 근거로 볼 때, 문의하신 ‘jam’은 ’잼‘으로 표기하는 것이 맞습니다.
But when we look at the contents of “The Great Dictionary of Standard Korean” as reference, relating to your question, it is correct to write ‘jam’ as ‘잼’.

딸기로 만든 잼을 합성어로 ’딸기잼‘으로 말할 수 있겠으나
We can say jam that is made of strawberry as a compound word ‘딸기잼’, but

현재 표준국어대사전에는 그와 같은 말이 없어
since there is no word similar to this in the present “The Great Dictionary of Standard Korean”

단어 형성과 관련된 문제는 개인에 따라 의견 차가 있을 듯합니다.
there seems to be opinion differences among individuals in answering problems related to the word formation.

이를 합성어로 본다면 ’딸기잼‘,
If you see this as a compound word, you write ’딸기잼‘,

구 구성으로 본다면 ’딸기 잼‘으로 쓰게 될 것입니다.
if you see it from the construction of words, you will write them (separately) as ’딸기 잼‘.


Anyway, I was right. Koreans pronounce 딸기잼 as [딸기쨈]. 😀 ###


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