YTN Weather News & C-CLOWN’s Far away…Young love (멀어질까봐)

Good morning! 안녕하세요. 좋은 아침이에요.

My Google Calendar says today is Spring Equinox (춘분) in Korea, when the day and night are of equal length.

The weather girl (기상 캐스터) also mentioned it on YTN weather forecast. Korean weather girls always look sexy in mini skirts, don’t you think?

[날씨] 오늘 ‘춘분’ 대체로 맑고 따뜻…서쪽 미세먼지 주의 / YTN

Words learned:
(translation in Japanese because right now I’m too lazy to find the English  translation)

염두에 두다 = 念頭に置く
체온관리 = lit. 体温管理 but I don’t think Japanese use this term to warn people to be careful about what you wear during the day
대기가 정체되다 = 大気が停滞する?なにそれ?w
수도권 (首都圏) is pronounced [수도꿘]
농도가 치솟다 = 濃度が上昇する
안개는 걷히다 (霧は上がる) is pronounced [거치다]
지형적인 영향 = 地形的な影響
산발적으로 = 散発的に

By the way, I’ve just found this video of C-CLOWN which I think was a perfect live performance by them.

[MBC Show Champion] C-CLOWN (씨클라운) – Far away…Young love (멀어질까봐)

Look, I even screen-captured the moment when Ray and Rome almost kissed. Kyaaa… 😀


내가 더 잘해줄게 Baby. = I will treat you better, Baby.

C-Clown had already disbanded last year, so…what am I doing? 뒷북치고 있네…

I learned 뒷북치다 from a textbook published by Talk To Me In Korean “Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions“.

뒷북치다 = to hear about something late, to fuss around after the event

Am I using it right? OK, then. 남은 주말 잘 보내세요. 😀 ###




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