Jinyoung (B1A4)’s Voice Message on Flitto

The electricity in my area will be suspended for 8 hours today starting 9 am. I hope I still have time to blog this post.

Jinyoung of B1A4 has left a voice message for BANA on Flitto: https://www.flitto.com/twitter/144/2104549

He also upload a picture of a night city view with his voice message.

B1A4 Jinyoung on Flito

So today I’m learning from the script by Korean fans on Flitto.

여러분 안녕하세요~ 진영입니다.
Hello, everyone. I’m Jinyoung.

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

잘 지냈나용?
Are you doing OK?

저희는 내일 또, 팬미팅이 있어서
Since we will have a fan meeting again tomorrow

오늘 일찍 자려고
I’m trying to sleep early today

이렇게 침대에 누워 있습니다.
and lying down on my bed like this.

요즘에 우리 바나들이 응원 많이 해 주셔 가지고,
Because our BANAs have supported us a lot lately,

너무 너무 기뻐요.
I’m very very happy.

그래서 고마움의 보답 하려고,
And that’s why, I’m grateful and try to return the favor

저도 또 좋은 노래 하나 추천해 드릴게요.
by giving you a good song recommendation again.

Icona Pop의 Good For You 라는 노랜데요,
It’s a song called Good For You by Icona Pop,

뭔가 들으면 기분 좋은 노래? 인 것 같아요.
I think it’s a song that makes you feel happy when you listen to it.

저는 들었을 때
When I listened to it,

뭔가 기분 좋은 노래들을 많이 찾아서 듣곤 하거든요?
I felt like I often look for songs that make me feel happy.

여러분들께도 추천 드립니다.
I recommend this song to all of you as well.

오늘, 이 노래 들으시면서 주무시길 바랄게요.
Today, I hope you will sleep while listening to this song.

좋은 꿈 꾸고,
I’ll dream good dreams,

나중에 제가 또 목소리 올릴게요.
and later I will upload my voice again.

안녕. 빠빠이.
Good bye. Bye bye. ###


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