I Love Korean Textbooks

I love Korean textbooks. They teach me Korean words and grammar I need to know. They give me time to slow down and think to myself. They provide me time to have a dialog with myself. Studying is fun. Talking to a real Korean person… I’m not sure. I mean, people are people… Sometimes they’re nice, sometimes they’re not. And I have trust issues. My husband mocks me that I have 対人恐怖症 (fear of meeting people). How do you say it Korean? 대인 공포증, according to Naver Dictionary. Interesting, it’s a new word for me. 공포증 is pronounced [공ː포쯩]. Anyway , it’s because my parents betrayed me all the time when I was growing up. OK, it’s getting awkward. Hahaha. 😀

Korean Textbooks

KGIU Beginning, Intermediate, and TOPIK Essential Grammar 150 (old version)

I’m almost finished using Korean Grammar in Use – Beginning – English Version. Next, I want to read Korean Grammar in Use – Intermediate – English Version. The intermediate book follows the same structure with the beginning book. The difference is the intermediate book has grammar explanation in 2 languages (English and Korean), while the beginning book only has explanation in English. The illustrations are drawn by different people so they have different touch/style. Both are cute and colorful.

By the way, you do know that 문법 (文法, grammar) is pronounced [문뻡] [mun-ppeop], not [mun-beop], right?

Korean Grammar in Use - Beginning & Intermediate

The yellow one on the left is Beginning,the purple one on the right is Intermediate.

I used TOPIK Essential Grammar 150 Intermediate – Japanese Version (for old format TOPIK) few years ago which was given to me for review by twoChois.com. I’ve been meaning to re-read the textbook for the longest time but I haven’t. Now that I compare the TOPIK 150 book and Korean Grammar in Use – Intermediate… at a glance, I think the latter seems more interesting and easier to learn from. Besides, Korean Grammar in Use has audio CD and TOPIK 150 doesn’t. TOPIK 150 uses TOPIK questions for grammar practice, while Korean Grammar in Use puts more emphasis on practical application, such as daily conversations. Some grammar overlaps, some doesn’t.

Korean Grammar in Use - Intermediate

-ㄹ 걸 그랬다 Korean Grammar in Use – Intermediate


-ㄹ 걸 그랬다 TOPIK Essential Grammar 150 (old version)

Because TOPIK has changed, now there is new edition of the TOPIK Essential Grammar 150. It’s called “New TOPIK 2 필수어법 150 중급”/”New TOPIK II Essential Grammar 150 Intermediate”. And they also have published a book for beginners: “New 토픽 1 필수문법 101 초급 영어판”/””New TOPIK 1 Essential Grammar 101 – Basic Level – English Version”.
I like browsing websites of Korean bookstores such as HangulPark (http://hangulpark.com/) and Yes24 (http://www.yes24.com/) to see preview pages because… I love Korean textbooks. 😀 ###


2 thoughts on “I Love Korean Textbooks

    • Pernah, bisa dipercaya kok. Kalau suka sih, biar sulit tetap semangat belajarnya. Menurut saya bahasa Jepang lebih gampang karena kanjinya kelihatan, kalau Korea susah ngapalin hanja-nya. 😀


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