Digitizing Korean Textbooks

After tidying up my belongings with KonMari Method, having less stuff starts to make sense to me and so I read a Japanese book about minimalism or minimalist lifestyle written by Fumio Sasaki “ぼくたちに、もうモノは必要ない” (We Don’t Need Stuff Anymore) in e-book and audiobook version. In the book, the author mentions about digitizing books into pdf format, and I want to do that with books that I can’t get rid of but I don’t really need anymore, for example Korean books that I already read but I can’t part with.

I watched a Japanese YouTuber ぐっぴん (Goopin) introducing a company that digitizes books in Japan. but we don’t have such service in Indonesia. I doubt whether there is a need for that here. Just now a Twitter friend told me about http://www.scanbuku.com in Indonesia. Thank you.

So I bought a new scanner, the cheapest one I could find, so I could do it by myself.

The first book I wanted to scan was 韓国語ステップアップ20 (Korean Step Up 20). Even with audio CD, it’s more like a light reading about interesting Korean phrases than a real textbook. It was published in 2007 and now out-of-print. My husband bought it used for me at “Book Off” somewhere in Japan.


I scanned this book.

Since it was my first time, it took me 4 hours to scan the entire pages of the book. I failed many times, hours of scanning only resulted in unreadable pages. I could have just spent the 4 hours to read the book one last time and throw it away. 😀

This is an illustration inside the book that caught my attention.

There is a Korean expression 입이 짧다 or ‘the mouth is short’ which actually means ‘to have a small appetite’.

입이 짧다

저는 어렸을 때부터 입이 짧았어요.

A crane and a pig are eating together, and the crane says,”저는 어렸을 때부터 입이 짧았어요” which literally means “my mouth is short since I was a child”. The pig looks at the crane’s long beak and seems confused. I thought it was funny. 😀

저는 어렸을 때부터 입이 짧았어요.= I’ve been a small eater since I was a child. ###

Digitizing Korean Textbooks”에 대한 2개의 생각

  1. Hi. I am slowwwly trying to learn korean. But I own alot of paperback books too from school and enjoy reading. Thanks for the blog post as I am now considering sending my books to a similar scan service in the USA and try to trim down on the number of books I own. 🙂


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