Pronunciation of 드릴게요

I recorded a little something from a Korean movie I am watching. Have a listen.

예, 알겠습니다. 나중에 다시 전화드릴게요. 예.
(Yes, I understand. I will call you again later. Yes.)

It reminds me of an explanation in this Korean textbook: Live from Seoul published by Japan Times (in Japanese). The book with audio CD is a compilation of Korean conversations in real life recorded in Seoul. As a learner who can’t go to Seoul yet I find the book interesting. The audio is really fast so I think it’s more appropriate for advanced learners (who also read Japanese well, obviously).


Live from Seoul, published by Japan Times.


I spilled something on the book.

It says: in conversations, when pronouncing [ㄹ게], ㄹ often falls off, and 게 becomes 께.
Example: 부탁드릴게요 is pronounced [부탁드리께요].

Sentence from the book: 여기 성함이랑 주민번호,  전화번호, 싸인 부탁드리께요.
(Please write your name, resident registration number, phone number, and signature here.)

And the man in the movie pronounces 전화드릴게요 as [전화드리께요]. The book was right! 😀

Oh, and also from the page above, the word “sign” is written as 사인 but people pronounce it [싸인]. Just like they pronounce 잼 (‘jam’) as [쨈], I guess.

Now I’ll return to my movie. ###


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