Online Quiz to Test Your Listening Skill for “Hangul Pronunciation Changes”

I was browsing the website of 국립국어원 (National Institute of Korean Language) ( to look for articles about pronunciation changes of hangul and I found this simple online quiz to test listening skill for Korean sound change/change of Korean pronunciation:

Isn’t it interesting? Go give it a try!

I think, first, you’re supposed to read simplified explanation about pronunciation changes of hangul on the website: and then you take the quiz to see how well you remember the rules.

I made 2 mistakes (out of 15 questions), no. 13 and 14.

For no. 13, pronunciation for 고향의 봄, I thought “a” [고향의봄] sounded right so I chose “a”, but the correct answer is “c” [고향에봄]. 응? Aren’t they both correct? Because I think they are?

For no. 14, I didn’t know 줄넘기 (jump rope) is pronounced [줄럼끼], I always thought it was pronounced [줄럼기], all this time I was wrong! Click the audio for “줄넘기” on Naver Dictionary:

Here is a more complete explanation in Korean about pronunciation changes, on the same website by 국립국어원 (National Institute of Korean Language): ###


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