Finished Reading 『퇴근』 by 천명관


Copy pasted from KBS 라디오 독서실’s website

Yay… I’ve just finished reading the short story from KBS Radio Reading Room ( I thought it would take me 21 days, but I read it in 4 days. I looked up every new word in Naver Dictionary and DioDict4 so actually it wasn’t that long.

Next, I’ll quiz myself to make sure I remember every new word. And after that, I’ll listen to the radio program one more time.

Too bad there’s no script for the interview with the author but I don’t really mind because I learned about 500 words already.

By the way, I’m left home alone. My family is spending this long weekend with our relatives (that I dislike, haha) in a hotel out of town . I’m so excited I can study Korean alone at home in peace. Because that’s what makes me, an introvert, happy. 😀 ###

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