Download ALSong Music Player for Windows


“Korean Vitamin : Submitter.” That’s me! ^^

A while ago I blogged about ALSong for Android, a free audio player app which shows hangul lyrics so you can sing along. Since then, I was wondering whether I could make contribution for song lyrics because I often like Korean songs that are not mainstream. Today, I finally found out how. Yay…

Download ALSong for Windows here: and then click around to figure out how to use and customize it. Like I did. 😀 Too lazy to explain. The software is in English so it won’t be difficult.

Just like the Android version, most of the time, you will need to re-search song lyrics in hangul. It doesn’t recognize English song titles and artist names from iTunes. And if you don’t find the lyrics of the song you want, you can submit your own (re-editable so don’t worry about making mistakes).

I submitted lyrics from Naver Music for songs by Owol ( Dream On You and Good Morning (warning: explicit lyrics). But when I searched the lyrics from my tablet I couldn’t find them. Maybe somebody on the website needs to approve the submitted lyrics before they’re available for everyone. ###



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