The Difference Between -대 and -데

There’s a K-indie singer/rapper/director named V-Hawk whose voice I really like.
He makes his music available for free download on his Sound Cloud account: which is nice but then I wonder how his fans can support him. (I mean how can I…? Oh well, never mind).

Recently, he released his new song, AMUDO

and yesterday, as I submitted the lyrics to ALSong, I wondered about this part:

AMUDO - V-Hawk

Lyrics of AMUDO by V-Hawk

어떤 형은 말했네
A (male older) friend told me.

사랑노랠 하면
If you sing love songs

you will gain success.

I thought, why 하겠데? Why not 하겠대? Is it a misspelling? Maybe sentence ending -데 has a different meaning? I thought I needed to check my Korean grammar dictionary. But I didn’t.

This morning, when I checked my RSS feed reader, I found that 국립국어원 posted a new article about the difference between -대 and -데.
What a coincidence.
Read it here: (in Korean).

-데 is another form of -더라, to express that the speaker is speaking about his/her own experience.
‘신부가 정말 예쁘데’ means ‘I saw the bride myself and she was really beautiful’.

-대 is the shortened form of -다고 해, to quote information that the speaker heard before.
‘신부가 정말 예쁘대’ means ‘I heard that the bride was really beautiful.’

The meaning of -데

The meaning of -데

So… 사랑노래를 하면 성공하겠데 is the same as 사랑노래를 하면 성공하겠더라.
The friend actually said ‘If you sing love songs you will be a success (and I know it from my experience)’?

But if it really is a misspelling from 성공하겠대 (which is also possible), it will be just a quote from what the friend was saying. 사랑노래를 하면 성공하겠대 (He said if I sang love songs, I would be a success).

Either way is fine, I guess? Anyway, I learned about sentence ending -데 today which was new to me and I was happy about it. ###


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