Yonsei Korean Reading 4

A new Korean textbook I ordered has just arrived.


Yes24 Indonesia (www.yes24.co.id) gave me 50% discount for a promotional event and I wanted a Korean textbook for reading, with CD for listening practice, so I picked this book: Yonsei Korean Reading 4 (with MP3 CD) for half price. They gave me an eco bag, too.

Yonsei Korean Reading 4

The Yonsei textbook is for level 4 or upper intermediate. No English translation. There are 10 chapters, each chapter consists of 3 short articles (each article is 1-2 pages long, and the audio for each one is about 4 minutes long) so in total there are 30 articles, with audio. That’s a lot. I can use it for a very long time.

I read the first article today 살기 좋은 도시 (cities which are good to live in). I learned about a city in Brazil called Curitiba and its mayor’s successful city planning. I did shadowing with the CD (loving it!) and I checked words I didn’t know, like 웅장한 고궁 and 부수다.
The article is followed by questions for
1. vocabulary,
2. reading comprehension, and
3. please think more deeply about this topic.

Answer keys are available except for the ‘think more deeply’ one which requires you to write your own opinion and then tell your classmates about it (haha).

It’s an okay book. The articles are not too long, the sentences are not too long, the exercises are not ‘too creative’, and the vocabulary and grammar are not as overwhelming as… Yonsei Korean Reading 6. It was a mistake on my part to get level 6 first, and it was 4 years ago, of course it was too difficult for me.

Anyway, I think, listening practices are important, and just reading is not enough. Because there are times when I read a Korean sentence I can understand it but when I listen to the same sentence at normal speed, I can’t catch it even though I know every word. Also, numbers. It’s still impossible for me to understand numbers like 70 여 개 대도시, 320km, 1970 년대 by my ears only, I always have to check the script, even though I can pronounce these numbers myself. Maybe my brain is not fast enough to process the Korean sounds yet. So that’s what I plan to be doing from now on… focusing on listening practice. 그럼, 안녕…###


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