Learning about Pronunciation from Korean Commercials

I like watching Korean TV commercials which they call ‘CF’. I think CF is from Commercial Film? I forgot. 😀

Today I found this commercial from tv SEOULVISION‘s channel on YouTube and Song Joong Gi stars in it. Wow, he is cute. Now I will never forget again that 참치 means ‘tuna’. Because at 0:28 Song Joong Gi asks: 참치 먹고 갈래요? ‘Do you want to eat tuna at my place?’

Some things I noticed about pronunciation:
0:01, I hear him saying ‘가보까’?
He means 가볼까? (shall we go), right?
So Koreans pronounce 가볼까 as [가보까] in conversations? That’s interesting. I couldn’t find any explanation about it so I will assume I am right. Because I already know that they pronounce 드릴게요 as [드리께요], they drop the ㄹ.

0:20, I think the narrator pronounces 할 일 as [할릴].

할 일 많은 요즘 사람들에겐
For people these days with a lot of work to do

참치가 딱.
tuna is perfect.

I hear the extra ㄹ so I needed to make sure about it.

Here’s what I found on the internet:

From http: //krdic.naver.com/rescript_detail.nhn?seq=1420

못 잊어 (can’t forget) is pronounced [모디저 or 몬니저] ←I hear [몬니저] a lot from K-pop!
못 잊다 (can’t forget) is pronounced [모딛따 or 몬닏따]
할 일 (things to do) is pronounced [하릴 or 할릴] ←This is what I was looking for! [할릴]
그런 일 (things like that) is pronounced [그러닐 or 그런닐]
먹을 엿 (‘yeot’/Korean taffy to eat) is pronounced [머그렫 or 머글렫],
한 일 (things done) is pronounced [하닐 or 한닐]
옷 입다 (wear clothes) is pronounced [오딥따 or 온닙따]
서른여섯 (38) is pronounced [서르녀섣 or 서른녀섣]
먹은 엿 (‘yeot’ that has been eaten) is pronounced [머그녇/머근녇]
잘 익히다 (cooked well) is pronounced [자리키다 or 잘리키다]
못 이기다 (can’t win) is pronounced [모디기다 or 몬니기다],
8.15 is pronounced [파리로]
분열 (分裂, be split) is pronounced [부녈]

Explanation about pronunciation changes (in Korean):
http://www.korean.go.kr/front/page/pageView.do?page_id=P000103&mn_id=95 which is too long to translate here but I found what I needed. 😀

Korean pronunciation

저 오늘 참치 피자 시켜먹을 거에요. ###


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