Bought “Test Guide to the New TOPIK II” on Ridibooks

Do you know that you can download all audio files of Korean textbooks published by Darakwon on their official website: for free, no purchase necessary?

Test Guide to the New TOPIK II


The problem is you can’t download them with Internet Explorer 11. You have to use older version of Internet Explorer (8, 9, or 10).

After failing downloading with IE11, I uninstalled the browser, IE 11 (I googled how to do it). I tried to revive IE8 but failed, so then I downloaded and installed IE9 because I couldn’t find IE10, and finally I could download the mp3 files I wanted: “Test Guide to the New TOPIK II”( I needed to click OK 2 times to approve the website installing the software to download the files and, thankfully, nothing weird happened.

Download MP3 from Darakwon

Pop-up window to download mp3 files from Darakwon

After downloading the audio files, I decided I wanted to buy the e-book version of the Darakwon textbook on Ridibooks (, but a warning appeared (in Korean) saying I needed to upgrade Internet Explorer to the latest version to access Ridibooks website or I can use Chrome.

So I used Firefox (because I’m such a rebel ^^) to access Ridibooks website and finalize my purchase on Ridibooks. It went well.
“Test Guide to the New TOPIK II 한국어능력시험 Ⅱ 실전 모의고사”:


Looks fine. 이렇게 페이지를 확대/축소 할 수 있어요.

FYI, Ridibooks only gives access to read the Darakwon e-book on mobile device, not PC/Mac (on the website, you can see “PC” and “Mac” as strikethrough text, and “PC 미지원” on its viewer software for PC). ###

Bought “Test Guide to the New TOPIK II” on Ridibooks”에 대한 1개의 생각

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