I Learned Korean from J-pop Today

Today I suddenly missed an old J-pop song, ‘Tentai Kansoku’ by Bump of Chicken and when I searched for it on iTunes – Indonesia, it was available, so I bought it.

When I listened to it using ALSong app (the English version of the app is gone but the Korean version still exists), the lyrics and translation in Korean appeared and so I learned some new words:


At this part: 予報外れの雨に打たれて (‘the weather forecast was off and we got wet by the rain’) I thought the translation from ALSong (일기예보를 벗어난 비에 젖어) was weird. Maybe it’s OK to translate it that way but I learned ‘일기예보가 빗나가다’ to say ‘weather forecast is off’, so I googled and found the Korean translation of the lyrics of Tentai Kansoku which used the term ‘일기예보가 빗나가다’:

일기예보가 빗나간 비에 젖어

When I learned the Korean word for ‘comet’, 혜성, I became curious about the age of the Shinhwa member, Shin Hye-sung (신혜성), so I asked Google.

how old is shin hye sung

And I thought that 36 was actually pronounced [삼심뉵/sam sim nyuk] and that there were people who thought it was pronounced [sam sip yuk] but they were wrong.

And that’s all. ###

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