I Won a K-Pop CD from Arirang Radio

I won something from radio show “Super K-pop” on Arirang Radio today! I’m so happy!

So the radio host, Sam Carter (a member of Korean boyband Lunafly), announces a Korean word (with its English translation) and listeners can leave messages related to the word, on the message board. Every day, Sam will pick one lucky winner who will receive a K-pop CD and a signed postcard.

The word of the day for today was “사과” which means “apology” and “apple”. I logged in to the website, left my short message on Message Board. I giggled the whole time when Sam finally read my message on air. I was surprised that I was also chosen as the winner for today! Waaaa…やった~ 땡잡았어요. 😀

I even recorded the part when Sam read my message and announced my name as the winner because I was so excited.

I wrote that if 사과 can mean ‘apple’ and ‘apology’, then 사과 드립니다 can mean ‘I give you apples’ and also ‘I give an apology’. Sam said I had ‘very good Korean understanding’. 😀

So I won a signed K-pop CD by VAV “Brotherhood” and a signed postcard by Sam himself. Thank you, Sam, I’ll be your fan forever. 😀

As far as I know, all K-pop related shows on Arirang Radio give away K-pop CD every day to listeners around the world. So there’s huge chance to win. If you’re interested, you can figure out how to participate from each show’s official pages.

There are many ways to listen to Arirang Radio.

Arirang Radio and TV: http://www.arirang.com

Arirang Radio streaming live on YouTube:

Arirang Radio on Ustream: http://www.ustream.tv/arirangradio

And they also provide apps for Android and computers (“Maru” that you can download from the website). ###

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