Copying DVD to Android Tablet

Once upon a time, I received this Korean textbook for review from
“거침 없이 한국어 1” (Unstoppable Korean 1), which is based on a Korean family drama/sitcom from MBS “거침 없이 하이킥” (Unstoppable High Kick, 2006-2007).

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거침없이 한국어1

I think it’s suitable for advanced level because it’s entirely in Korean. You can learn how native really speak in daily life from the drama (super fast, and sometimes with not really grammatically correct but commonly used words). It’s meant for classroom use, there are practice questions for new grammar and interesting questions about Korean culture at the end of each lesson, but no answer key available.

The book came with a DVD (not for the entire drama, just short clips for the Korean lessons in the book), and I was thinking about converting the DVD to another movie format so I can watch it on my Android tablet. Today I googled and finally learned how to do it, using a free software called HandBrake. (Read: How to Rip a DVD to Your Computer


Handbrake, just click Start.

Now I can start studying with the book and the video clips on my tablet. Yay.

I made notes and highlighted words in all the 10 chapters in the book before, but I forgot everything. f(^^;). I will just read the book again and enjoy my study time. I just learned that 솥뚜껑 운전수 (literally ‘the driver of cauldron lid’) actually means ‘housewife’. That’s funny.

From a line of the drama:

제가 정말 어린 나이에 여기 와 가지고 검은 머리 파뿌리 될 때까지 솥뚜껑 운전을 했으면은 내가 할 만큼 했다고 생각한다구요.

See? It’s not easy. Advanced, right?

This expression is also interesting:
검은 머리 파뿌리 될 때까지 = until my black hair turns (white) like a root of a leek.

I can’t grasp the meaning of 했으면은. f(^^;)
Is it like 했으면 좋겠다고 생각했지만? Not sure.
So I’m guessing that the translation will be:
“I came to this house at a very young age, and I thought it would be OK if I did house work until I got old, but now I think I already did everything I could.”

Maybe I’ll find out about it later.###

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