[KBS World Radio] 바른 우리말

KBS World Radio 바른 우리말 (Correct Korean): http://world.kbs.co.kr/korean/program/program_koreanlanguage_detail.htm

KBS 바른 우리말

KBS World Radio – Korean

It’s a Korean language program for native Korean, not foreigners. You can read the articles, which are very short, and listen to the audio (read by KBS announcer) at the same time.


I copy and pasted the script to FLTR.

I did try to learn new words from one article, but then I decided I wasn’t really interested in remembering them. I already forgot again the meanings of 꽁다리, 몽당이, and 꼬투리.
I think I’m not going to remember them today.

Oh well, there are days like this, too. ###

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