When My Question about Korean Language was Answered on Arirang Radio

At 5 p.m. every Wednesday (West Indonesian time), I listen to Catch The Wave on Arirang Radio online for its Hey Korean section, with the teacher of www.talktomeinkorean.com, Hyunwoo 선생님 and the host Adrien Lee. They ask listeners to make Korean sentences using the Korean word of the week, and Hyunwoo 선생님 will correct them.
I always look forward to them reading my Korean sentence and my name on the air. 🙂

Yesterday’s homework was “보다” (to see, to watch), a basic word. But it reminded me of a line from Korean drama that I watched without subtitles:

근데 니 결혼식은 못 볼 거 같애. 어떡하니?
(By the way, I can’t make it to your wedding. What should I do?)

I was confused about the phrase “결혼식을 보다” or literally “to watch a wedding ceremony”.
So for the first time, I left my question on the Message Board… and they really did answer my question on air. Hyunwoo-saem’s answer was very interesting and rather long. He even mentioned about inviting 470 guests to his own wedding.

Here is the recording of the memorable occasion in my life as a self-learner of Korean language.

I am so excited and grateful that now whenever I have questions about Korean
language, I can just log in and leave messages on Catch The Wave’s message board and have them answered on air every week. ヾ(。>﹏<。)ノ゙✧*。

Catch The Wave also has another section for learning Korean every Friday to which listeners can send recordings of their own voice speaking Korean and listeners who participate have the chance to win Korean textbooks from Talk To Me In Korean…. but I never have the chance to listen to it. ###

When My Question about Korean Language was Answered on Arirang Radio”에 대한 3개의 생각

  1. I remember I have also sent two messages during the Sewol Disaster to Arirang Radio and they were both read by the host,Adrien Lee.I felt so happy and excited when hearing my name and my messages read live on a radio show.I recorded them both and cherish them as a memory of the disaster which really marked me.
    I didn’t know about this Korean Section though which is pretty interesting.I’ll try to check it out later!

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  2. 핑백: About Arirang Radio & A Korean Book | Korean Vitamin

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