The Mystery of 친구를 만들다 (to make friends)

Is it true that you can’t say 친구를 만들다 (to make friends) in Korean?

So I was browsing Korean textbooks on Google Books -because that’s what I do, I love Korean textbooks- and I found this sample page. It says:

You can’t ‘make friends’, the verb is 사귀다 (make friends, become friendly).

친구를 만들다 is wrong.
친구를 사귀다 is correct.

make friends in Korean

From Google Books

I was very surprised. Because I learn Korean via Japanese language and in Japanese, they do say ‘友達をつくる’ (literally: make friends), so if ‘친구를 만들다’ is wrong, it could be a dangerous phrase for me.

So I looked up Naver Dictionary for the term ‘친구를 만들다’, and… it exists in the dictionary. But it’s there as a user’s contribution, not original entry.

make friends in Naver Dictionary

From Naver online dictionary

The next teacher to go to is Google, of course.
And I found this page in pdf.

make friends

From a page for English learners

It says:

“…to say 친구를 만들다 in English is ‘make a friend’. In our language (Korean), we have the expression 친구를 만들다 so it’s not difficult to understand this English expression.”

So the expression 친구를 만들다 actually exists in Korean language and the Korean textbook for foreigners is wrong? Hmm… 어이가 없네요.😒 ###


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