Study Korean (

Study Korean ( is a site full of free Korean language learning materials, and some of them have English translation. I think your Korean must be at a certain level to use the website (not for beginners). It seems there is more useful stuff there if you log in but you have to be Korean to be a member of the site. The site only accepts 재외동포 (Korean living abroad), 내국인 (Korean living in Korea), and 단체회원 (group membership).

Anyway, these are 2 sections of the site that I’m using to learn Korean because they’re interesting to me:

Learn Korean from Korean Drama:

Learn Korean from Drama

Learn Korean from scenes of K-drama


Korean newly coined terms/slangs that everyone knows:


There are also other interesting sections such as learning Korean from K-pop, daily conversations, idioms, children stories, Korean history, culture, etc. ###

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