Trying Out Korean Hair Dye: Etude House Hot Style Salon Cream

I dyed my hair at home yesterday with hair coloring kit from Etude House (that’s a famous Korean cosmetic brand). I bought a hair coloring product called Hot Style Salon Cream, the color was ‘cherry red brown’, and the price was 125,000 rupiah on YES24 Indonesia (more expensive now).

Etude House Hot Style Salon Cream Hair Coloring

에뛰드하우스 염색약

Inside the box I found a tube of solution no. 1, a bottle of solution no. 2, a sachet of hair treatment liquid, a disposable comb, a plastic cover to prevent your clothes from getting dyed, and a sachet of lip tint (free sample).

There is a ‘simplified’ instruction and ingredient list in English at the side of the box so you can still use the product even if you don’t know Korean. The more lengthy instruction is written in Korean in a leaflet inside the box. I read the Korean leaflet but I ignored things that were not written in the English one, for example I didn’t do test patch 48 hours before I dyed my hair.

But it was good to know that my Korean was good enough to read the instruction of a hair coloring kit.

Etude House Hot Style Salon Cream Hair Coloring - inside the box

태어나서 처음으로 셀프염색이라는 걸 해봤어요.

It was my first time dyeing my own hair. I felt like my scalp was burning at the beginning. It was painful but not very painful so I just endured it and after a while the burning sensation was gone. The result? My hair didn’t become red or even reddish. It’s still black, but under the light, it looks slightly dark brownish. My hair doesn’t look dramatically different and nobody notices that I dyed my hair. Thank God (?).

I wonder how to say “have you ever tried dyeing your hair at home?” in Korean.
여러분은 염색약으로 집에서 셀프염색 해보신 적이 있으세요?###


2 thoughts on “Trying Out Korean Hair Dye: Etude House Hot Style Salon Cream

    • Haha, it’s good to know I wasn’t the only one. I guess you’re right about its working better for bleached hair. Thank you for telling me about Palty. Never heard of it. I’ll keep it in mind next time I want to’ try dyeing my hair again.


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