New Earphones and Korean Textbook

I ordered a Korean textbook (in Japanese) and a set of Philips earphones online and they arrived yesterday. Yay…!


A Korean language textbook in Japanese and a set of Philips earphones

I bought the earphones for about 250,000 rupiah hoping that I would get better sound quality than my old Panasonic ones which only cost me about 100,000 rupiah.


Left: Panasonic, right: Philips

But after comparing both of them, I’m actually disappointed with the Philips earphones because they sound screechy and terrible and a lot worse than the cheaper Panasonic earphones. The Phillips one just look cuter. Sigh.

The Korean textbook is about onomatopoeic words. With the book, I can learn 360 onomatopoeic words with 1~2 sample sentences for each term, and it comes with 2 audio CD (one CD for the words, narrated in chants (interesting idea), and one CD for the sentences). The chants are supposed to help me memorize the words. I kind of find the music distracting but let’s see if it works…


The first word to learn is 갈기갈기.

I think onomatopoeia is something that is not too urgent and it’s fine to wait until later to learn it, just like Korean slang, or proverbs. Intermediate and above, according to the book itself.


This kind of usage is not written in the book.

I read the first word: 갈기갈기 (찢다) or ‘rip/shred something into pieces’. I thought maybe I didn’t need to learn this word now but then I read my favorite Korean rapper, Zico’s Instagram update and he used the word 갈기갈기 in the caption. 😍  I think he meant he would perform his very best on Jisan Valley Rock Festival. ###



4 thoughts on “New Earphones and Korean Textbook

  1. waaah reading your blog motivates me to study korean by my self. any suggestion to what book or what site i need to read as a beginner? currently i am listening to TTMIK till level 2.


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