The Meaning of 만찢남

I clicked an ad on Naver Dictionary and it led me to its official channel on TV Cast Naver: There are some short clips which explain Korean slang terms in Japanese. In Japanese. So they want Japanese people to know those slang terms? 😀

I don’t live in Korea but I like learning Korean slang words because I need them to read entertainment news in Korean on the internet and I can use them to comment on my favorite K-pop idols’ Twitter or Instagram.

만찢남 Naver Cast

만찢남 in Japanese is 超イケメン or a very handsome guy  (not exactly, but OK, understandable)

This clip is about 만찢남:

만찢남 -may I remind you that the pronunciation is [만찐남] – is the shortened form of “만화를 찢고 나온듯한 남자” or “a man who is very handsome and gorgeous, who looks as if he has just come out of comic books”. Read more here:


“Hot!” The reality the gorgeous guy of  our fantasy Lee Jong Suk is “fierce heat” from:

So the next time a handsome K-pop idol posts a selfie, I can leave comment like this: “만찢남이시네요♥” or when I read a Korean entertainment news using the term “만찢남”, I will know what it means. 😀 ###

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