About Arirang Radio & A Korean Book


I haven’t quit learning Korean. My Korean is still terrible so why would I? 😀

Arirang Radio got a new DJ for its daily show Catch The Wave (http://arirangradio.com/catchthewave). His name is Park Jae Min, an actor and a TV personality in Korea. I usually only listen to Arirang Radio on Wednesdays to learn Korean from Hyunwoo 선생님 from Talk To Me In Korean, but I was curious about the new DJ so I listened to Park Jae Min’s first day as Arirang Radio DJ yesterday which was Monday. On the show, he mentioned that he played a leading role in a tvN’s drama 3 years ago but he forgot the title. Haha. I left a message on the message board saying that it was ‘Play Guide’. To my surprise, he and a staff replied to my message. I never got a reply on message board before so I was happy about it. 😀


‘Snipatrol’ is the new DJ, actor Park Jae Min.

Listen/watch Arirang Radio live on YouTube:

I bought a new Korean book to learn Korean and just started reading it today.

Learn Korean Language and Culture with Cartoon – 만화로 배우는 한국어 & 한국 문화 – 다나의 한국 생활 일기


It’s a full-color comic book for Korean language learners. I already spilled coffee and water on it because of my (bad) habit: reading while having a meal. The title is ‘Diary of Dana in Korea’ published by Hawoo Publishing. According to the cover of the book, audio files for the book can be downloaded for free: http://hawoo.co.kr/pds


Follow interesting scenes of Dana’s life in Korea and learn interesting Korean vocabulary.

I really like the book. It’s a really interesting comic book with ‘real’ Korean dialogs, explanations about things that will help you live in Korea, and useful vocabulary. The book says it’s meant for beginners and intermediate level learners but I think it will be too hard to read for beginners. I know I wouldn’t pick it up if I didn’t have enough knowledge about intermediate level grammar. And the terms used are even beyond intermediate level vocabulary for foreign learners (but used in daily life, if you live in Korea, I assume). There are translation in English, Japanese, and Chinese for words, but most of the book is in Korean.

I really like the audio files, too. There are 15 episodes. They sound just like Korean drama or anime, not boring conversations from usual textbooks. The voice actors use normal speed which is really fast. I want to do ‘shadowing’ (repeat and mimic the Korean lines) to improve my speaking skill. The Korean conversations in the comic book are natural and useful, I know I will learn a lot from the book.

The book doesn’t warn you about pronunciation changes so maybe prior knowledge is assumed or your ears are already trained enough to notice the difference between the written form and the way the voice actors really pronounce it.

It’s not as difficult as Yonsei Korean textbook level 5 or even level 4, but still… not really that easy. I’d say for intermediate and above.

I found one sentence I couldn’t figure out. Dana says this to the store employee at a shoe store:

신고 가긴 할 건데요.

I assume it means: I’ll just wear these shoes that I’ve just bought and leave, no need to wrap them for me. I know ‘신고 가다’ (to put on shoes and leave) but I never learned -긴 할 건데 and I couldn’t find it on my grammar dictionary. I’ll just memorize it as it is, maybe I’ll find out about it later.

Now I’ll get back to my book. See ya! 또 만나요. ###


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