Hey Korean Mission on Arirang Radio

Today I sent one Korean sentence to Catch The Wave – Arirang Radio for the weekly session “Hey Korean Mission”. The word of the week was ‘반갑다’ or ‘to be happy to meet/hear…’.

Anyone can participate by sending messages on the message board or Catch the Wave’s Facebook page or e-mail but I don’t know the e-mail address.

As always, I was excited when DJ Jae Min Park and the Korean teacher Mr. Hyunwoo from Talk To Me In Korean (http://www.talktomeinkorean.com/) read my sentence on the air. I had a good giggle when DJ Jae Min said,”I think she’s Korean!”. Isn’t it the nicest compliment ever! They made my day. 😀

I recorded the part where they read my message.

J (Jae Min): Covering the 1st message from Andini from Indonesia.

“Hey Korean Mission: 반갑다. 캐치 더 웨이브 패밀리가 박재민 DJ를 반갑게 맞이했어요.”

H (Hyunwoo): What? This is a perfect sentence.

J: This is perfect! To translate this is: The Catch the Wave family welcomed DJ Jae Min Park.

H: Yeah. 반갑게, in a manner that they’re glad.

J: Oh yeah, yeah.

H: 반갑게 맞이했어요.

J: Wow, wow. This is perfect. She’s Korean! I think she’s Korean.

H: But it’s from Andini, from Indonesia.

J: Andini is a very Koreanized name.

H: Really?

J: An Di Ni. Hahaha.

H: I don’t think so.

J: Thank you for the message.

H: Let’s not change other people’s nationalities easily.

J: OK. But still, this is perfect.

H: Your Korean is that good, right?


Listen/watch Arirang Radio live on YouTube:



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