Learning Korean from Arirang Radio – Catch the Wave

This week’s word for Hey Korean Mission on Catch the Wave was “떨어지다”.

I sent a sentence via Message Board.

프린터에 종이가 다 떨어졌으니까 인쇄가 안 돼요.
(Because the printer is run out of paper, I can’t print.)


My message & reply from Park Jae Min

The host, Jae Min Park, which is just the kindest radio DJ ever in the history of Arirang Radio, promptly replied to my message. He wrote:

good one! too make it smoother, try to say 떨어져서 instead of 떨어졌으니까. 떨어졌으니까 is use more for ending sentences, like 왜 프린트가 안 돼? > 프린터에 종이가 다 떨어졌으니까

Actually, I had doubt that I should change 떨어졌으니까 to 떨어져서 but… OK, maybe 떨어져서 sounds more natural.

The next day, I wanted to submit a Korean sentence using the word “떨어지다” again but I didn’t want him to reply, I wanted him to read it on air on Wednesday with Hyunwoo 선생님, so I set the message “Close” (private) hoping that he couldn’t read it.

This was my second sentence using 떨어지다:

박재민 DJ가 4년 전부터 애인이 없다는 이야기를 듣고 제 눈에서 눈물이 한방울 툭 떨어졌답니다.
(When I heard that Park Jae Min didn’t have a girlfriend for 4 years, a tear drop fell out of my eyes.)

Jae Min’s reaction when Hyunwoo 선생님 read it to him was just priceless. He was so adorable. You gotta love that laughter.

I recorded that part but the noise was terrible (I didn’t set the audio properly), I made transcription to make up for that noise (turn on CC to read).

Jae Min DJ and Hyunwoo-saem also answered my question about a word discussed last week: 재는 기부 even though the staff of Catch the Wave already answered my question on the Message Board – the staff are also very kind, just like the DJ, Jae Min. I mean, staff from other shows on Arirang Radio never reply to messages. I just love Catch the Wave.


My question about the term 재는 기부 and the CTW staff’s answer

DJ Jae Min said:

재능기부 is pro bono.

Found DJ Jae Min flaunting his muscles here:
KBS World – Let’s Go! Dream Team II | 출발드림팀 II : Dream Team vs. Muscle King Team (2014.02.16) with English subtitles.

Kang Insoo of MYNAME’s comment about Jae Min: 쓸데없이 근육량이 많은 연예인이에요. (He has too much muscle for a celebrity.) 🙂

DJ Jae Min actually said it himself that he didn’t have a girlfriend for 4 years on a Sunday’s segment called Music Lounge. He didn’t seem to realize that it was a funny and unusual  confession from a guy with amazing body like that. 🙂
You can win a signed K-pop CD from the segment! I want to win, someday, one of these days.

[SUNDAY] – Music Lounge:
Segment made just for our listeners! For this segment, please share about any inspiring books you read recently, movies or dramas that you enjoyed or even inspiring songs you listened to! Every week we’ll be giving out one signed K-Pop CD for one of the listeners whose message we pick~!!

Watch Arirang Radio on YouTube:


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