Book Translated by Park Jae Min “사랑이 구한다”

Last week, I saw this picture from 3 months ago on Park Jae Min’s Instagram, announcing that a book he translated into Korean had been published. Let’s see… so he’s a radio DJ on Arirang Radio, stage actor, TV personality, professor of a university, B-boy, MC, athlete, body builder, … and also book translator? What can’t this man do… really?

My first book just got published. Translated American best seller, 'For love', took the very first step forward to another stage of my life. 저의 첫 책이 출판되었습니다. 미국의 베스트셀러 'For love'를 번역했습니다. '사랑이 구한다' 평범하지만 평범하지 않은 우리 주변의 이웃들 이야기, 특별하지 않은 영웅들의 이야기, 바쁘다는 핑계로 삶 속에서 잊고 지낸 보연의 사랑 이야기와 사진을 담고 있습니다. 비 오는 날, 잠시 비 그치기를 기다리면서 가벼운 마음으로 볼 수 있는, 하지만 비가 그쳐도 깊게 남을 감동을 줄 수 있는 책입니다. 기회되시는 분들은 꼭 한 번, 제가 느낀 감동을 느껴보시길 소망합니다. 감사합니다. 공명출판사 '사랑이 구한다' #forlove #사랑이구한다 #공명출판사 #포토에세이 #박재민

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I was so impressed that I left a message on Catch The Wave’s message board asking him about the book and he replied (he’s super busy but he replied). He wrote that the book was easy enough to read for Korean language learners.

So I bought the e-book version on Ridibooks. The title is: 사랑이 구한다.

Translator: Park Jae Min

Original title:
For Love : 25 Heartwarming Celebrations of Humanity
by Eugene Eric Kim , Alice Yoo , My Modern Met

It’s more like an artsy photo book, about love, with 25 short essays or background stories about why those pictures were taken (‘for love’, that’s why, just like the original book title). You can read the essays in random because they’re not connected. The pictures are really cute and beautiful, and they make you think about love and relationships you have in your life. Each story is very short, no difficult Korean grammar. I haven’t finished it yet but I learned many new interesting words. For example, ‘elope’ is 도피, ‘new dads’ is 새내기 아빠들, ‘light-saber’ is 광선검, etc.

Translator’s Afterword

I noticed that a name ‘Patricia’ was translated 패트리카. I think it should be 패트리샤, but that’s trivial. 실수도 애교로 넘어갈게요. 😁

I hope listening to Park Jae Min’s voice for Catch The Wave on Arirang Radio every day will motivate me to keep reading and finish the book because I have too many books on my tsundoku pile. ###

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