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Catch The Wave – Arirang Radio’s website: http://arirangradio.com/catchthewave

I really like Hey Korean segment of Catch The Wave live every Wednesday because the two DJs are so generous with compliments and they answer questions about Korean language. They’re like Korean teachers I never had. (I’m self-learning Korean.)

The recorded podcast version can be listened to on the website, just click Audio On Demand or Podcast(RSS) and then choose, for example: Hey Korean (with Hyun Woo) October 26.


Listen to the recorded episodes of “Hey Korean” and leave your messages on Message Board

For this week episode of Hey Korean my name was mentioned 3 times:
on 6:40, 23:37, and 26:31.
I obviously sent too  many messages that day.


From Podcast(RSS) Hey Korean October 26

The two DJs suspected that I was Korean or I had Korean friends who checked my sentence just because I sent one correct Korean sentence using the word 자르다. They’re really that nice. 😀


My Korean sentence

They pick one winner to receive something from talktomeinkorean.com. I never win anything but prizes don’t matter, I want to learn Korean.

This week was about Korean buzzwords 만찢남, 만찢녀,  and 개취, and that 자르다 can mean to fire somebody when you pronounce it [짜르다], meaning of 입이 풀리다 (my question), difference between 화가 나다, 열이 받다, etc. Like I mentioned before, the full episode can be listened to on their website.

Next week’s Hey Korean mission is “후회하다” (regret).

ex) 시험 공부를 미리 하지 않은 것을 후회하고 있어.
(I am regretting that I did not study for the exam earlier )

오늘 아침 늦게 일어난 것을 후회했어.
(I regretted waking up late this morning )

And they also have another on-going mission for listeners. Read here.

Fall Season Audio Clip Theme!

This mission asks you to show us your Korean skills.
You can introduce yourself in Korean,
or talk about your favorite K-pop songs, anything.
Please say anything you want in Korean
and record it.

Send your audio clips to:


One lucky winner who sends in an audio clip will get a Korean language study book.
*All prizes are provided by “Talk To Me In Korean”

Maybe I will try this, too. Someday. Hmm… I don’t have a mike. Should I buy one? I can use my tablet. I need to re-install that recording app. But what am I going to talk about? Hmm… ###


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