I Asked A Question About Korean Language On Arirang Radio

I asked a question about Korean language via Arirang Radio – Catch The Wave’s message board, and Hyunwoo 샘 and DJ Jae Min answered it on air for Hey Korean segment on Wednesday. (Thank you!) 😀


My question via Catch The Wave’s message board

I asked ‘what does 입이 잘 풀리다 mean?’ because I couldn’t find explanation anywhere on the internet. They used 3 minutes to explain it (that’s long!).

I recorded the part they read my message:

I think it’s safe to say it means ‘to be able to talk smoothly with the right wording, sense of humor, etc.’ especially for a TV/radio show. 입 is ‘mouth’, 잘 is ‘well’, 풀리다 is ‘untangled’.

They said 입이 잘 풀리다 was not common and usually only used by TV personalities, and they warned not to use ‘입이 잘 풀리셨어요’ for other people because it sounds like evaluating or judging.

Arirang Radio has Hey Korean segment for Korean language learners. The segment is one-hour long, aired live every Wednesday, with Hyunwoo from talktomeinkorean.com as guest DJ, and with the host Jae Min Park, together they always try to answer as many questions possible during the show.

Listen/watch Arirang Radio online on YouTube:


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