My Korean Sentence Using 무섭다

Oh, it’s 11.11, Pepero Day in Korea today.

초콜릿 과자를 먹으면 안 돼! 살이 쪄! ← I can’t eat chocolate! I’ll gain weight!


The word for Hey Korean Mission – Arirang Radio this week was 무섭다 (scary)→ pronunciation [무섭따].
The radio hosts, DJ Jae Min and Hyunwoo 샘 said my sentence was perfect. Yay~

First, I made this sentence:

저는 바이킹이나 청룡열차 같은
무서운 놀이기구가 딱 질색이라서
Because I really hate scary rides
such as swing boat or roller coaster

놀이동산에 가도
절대 안 타요.
even though I go to amusement park
I definitely won’t ride them.

But then, I thought, why do I even bother going to an amusement park? So I added this one sentence:

관람차만 타요.
I only ride the Ferris wheel.


바이킹 = Viking, a giant boat that swings

청룡열차 = roller coaster (lit. ‘blue dragon train’), pronunciation [청뇽열차]. I think it can also be pronounced [청뇽녈차], I’m not sure, but yesterday Hyunwoo 선생님 pronounced it [청뇽열차].

놀이기구 = rides in amusement park

딱 질색이다 = really hate, can’t stand (something)

놀이동산 = amusement park

관람차 (観覧車) = Ferris wheel, pronunciation [괄람차]

I remember when I asked random Korean on the internet (who could speak English) about hangul pronunciation changes, they never knew what I was talking about so I stopped asking around. I decided to trust my Korean textbooks and my own ears, and now that I can read Korean, I just search NIKL’s website ( or online dictionaries for standard pronunciation.


Comparing how hangul is written and how it’s really pronounced.

I never hire Korean teacher but I own many textbooks and there is one that teaches pronunciation for the entire sentence only in hangul (out-of-print, published by NHK Japan).

For example, the book would show that this sentence:

저는 바이킹이나 청룡열차 같은 무서운 놀이기구가 딱 질색이라서 놀이동산에 가도 절대 안 타요. 관람차만 타요.

(Because I really hate scary rides, such as swing boat or roller coaster, even though I go to amusement park, I definitely won’t ride them. I only ride the Ferris wheel.)

is pronounced like this:

[저는 바이킹이나 청뇽열차 가튼 무서운 노리기구가 딱 질쌔기라서 노리동사네 가도 절때 안 타요. 괄람차만 타요. ]

I never found another Korean textbook like that again. Usually textbooks just give pronunciation in hangul for certain words, not the entire sentence.

Oh, one more thing. I think I heard that Hyunwoo pronounced 놀이기구 as [노리끼구] or [노리] [기구] (pronounced as two words, not one) but I’m not sure and I can’t find the pronunciation of the word on Naver 국어사전. Maybe I’ll look it up again later when I have time. Or maybe you’d just tell me… Bye! ###


9 thoughts on “My Korean Sentence Using 무섭다

  1. not sure if you’d like the song but there’s a song called musuhwuh that is from unpretty rapstar season 3. I think rap is great for improving comprehension.


    • This one? [MV] #3 트랙. 전소연,나다 무서워( 쿠시)

      This is so good. I like it.
      Rap lyrics usually use a lot of slang words, interesting but difficult to find the definition. I think we should use things that we like to learn. Yes, I believe trying to comprehend improves comprehension. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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