[Review] Bibap in Jakarta


People were taking selfies in front of the Bibap wall poster.

I went to see Bibap, Korean musical performance, in Jakarta on Sunday! It was so awesome I was glad I went with my family. In fact, I think I would have regretted going only with my husband. Ticket YES24 sent me a free e-ticket (just an e-mail, actually) for 2 seats with no seat numbers. They would decide the seats for us based on what were left on that day, I assumed. On the D-day, we all went to the venue, picked and paid for 3 additional seats in the same row so our children could watch the show, with us, the parents.


This a free gift from the ticket booth, a 부채/fan.

It was totally worth it. Even though the show was not that long (60-80 minutes) and the cheapest ticket was 350,000 rupiah, which was not cheap. My children really enjoyed watching the funny performance and I was happy to hear them laughed during the show. The Korean performers interacted with the audience and joked in Indonesian language! Even their Indonesian -with Korean accent- was enough to make the audience laugh. They even sang an old Indonesian pop song. They said ‘panas’ (‘hot’ in Indonesian) instead of 뜨거워 (‘hot’). I noticed they said ‘hot’ and held their own earlobes, just like the Japanese.


Tickets and free vouchers for bibimbap at a Korean restaurant somewhere else.

Basically, the show was about a cooking competition between 2 main chefs (the Red Chef who was Italian chef and the Green Chef who was the chef for Korean food).
There were other chefs with interesting characters: the Rookie Chef who was clumsy, the Cutie Chef who was a girl with costume like a cute Japanese maid at maid cafe, the Sexy Chef who was a woman with sexy outfit, and the Iron Chef who was a guy with muscles, and some others. And there were 2 guys who were beatboxing during the show.

Audience could enjoy watching them breakdancing, beatboxing, doing singing performances (it’s a musical stage, after all, and they were great singers who could hit the high notes), and their funny interactions with audience. They asked individual audience to get on stage and perform with them and those segments were funny, too. It was hard to find out when exactly to stop clapping, laughing, and cheering because each moment was exciting.

On the way home, my children couldn’t stop talking about Bibap. “When they sliced the guy’s butt, it was really funny.” “The woman’s voice sounded like a guy.” “It was not her voice, it was the guy’s voice, who was doing the beatboxing.” “It was so funny when they threw small pillows at the audience at first and then they were going to throw those gigantic pillows”. “They even sang PPAP.” “I noticed that the guy who was spinning on his head wore a helmet.” “I didn’t know it was going to be that great”.


This Bibap in Jakarta t-shirt was 80,000 rupiah.

I don’t think YouTube videos do them justice. The live Bibap is so much better when you watch it in person.

My children asked, “How come they could speak Indonesian? How did they learn to speak Indonesian?”

And I answered, “Hmm… I think they memorized their scripts and practiced them over and over.” ###


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