I Won ‘Hey Korean Mission’ on Arirang Radio


I will get a Talk To Me In Korean e-book coupon.

Yesterday I sent a message on Catch The Wave’s message board with one Korean sentence using the word ‘똑같다’ (exactly the same) for Hey Korean Mission.

This is what I wrote:

I remember that word from Sistar’s song I Like That.

“남자는 똑같다는 게 그 말이 이제 이해돼.”
Now I understand why people say all men are the same.

And I learned this, too:
남자들이 다 똑같지, 뭐.
All men are the same.

This is my sentence:
인터넷을 검색해봤더니 박재민 DJ님과 똑같은 이름을 가진 사람들이 많더라고요.
When I searched on the internet, I found many people with exactly the same name as Jae Min Park.

DJ Jae Min read my message on air, and Hyunwoo-saem said that family name 박 and the name 재민 were indeed very common. Hyunwoo-saem also said if you searched his full name Sun Hyunwoo on the internet, you wouldn’t find anyone else but himself. That’s because his family name Sun is not that common, and if they gather, they all could fit into a stadium. DJ Jae Min said ‘then you could have a family gathering, on a Sunday’ and he laughed. Because Sunday has the sound Sun in it, I assume. Lame joke. 😀

As usual, at the end of the show, they picked one random winner, and luckily, it was me.

Maybe every participant will win eventually if they keep sending a Korean sentence every week. 😀

By the way, I really like the male cover version of Sistar’s I Like That by Sam and Owol.

Sam x Owol – ‘I Like That’ Remix (Prod. Heth, Moi)


I love learning Korean because I win stuff from Korea! 😀 ###


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