At Least I Finished Reading It

Today I finished reading 사랑이 구한다, the photo essay book translated by my favorite DJ on Arirang Radio, Jae Min Park.

The book was OK…😅 and very short. I like that it’s a short book because I just read it to learn words, not in order to feel moved deeply by cute photographs and the background stories about love. I underlined all words in the e-book that I didn’t understand and looked them all up on Naver Dictionary (a pop up dictionary will appear when I highlight a word) so when I read the sentence I understood what it meant but now that I glanced at the underlined words again… I realize that I don’t remember anything.

I wonder what’s the point of reading a book if I don’t remember any new word.🙄

Maybe I should re-read it. Maybe I need a different strategy. Maybe I should make a word list when I read a Korean book. There was a bestselling book ‘7번 읽기 공부법’ (‘read 7 times’ study method) by Mayu Yamaguchi. Should I read the essay book for 7 times? I never read a book for 7 times.

It’s just I don’t feel like reading the book for the second time. At least not now.

I really want to move on to a Korean language textbook tomorrow. ###

10 thoughts on “At Least I Finished Reading It

  1. OH i went through that phase with japanese where i would force myself to finish reading mediocre or okay books. then i was able to realize i’m just wasting time and there’s way too many good books to read. also i also realized that i have the option of skimming the book and skipping pages as i like. in other words i have the option of doing whatever is necessary to make reading a particular book enjoyable or to just be done with it or move on.


  2. I personally find audio really helpful with remembering words and i don’t have interest reading books in korean so it works out really well for me because i only learn words from korean tv (i’m very picky about this btw and i bitched and whined about the suckiness of korean tv on my blog) . occasionally i do learn words from articles if i end up reading about something i’m really interestd in like UNPRETTY RAPSTAR.

    don’t be afraid to blame the book. it could be that the problem lies with the book for being sucky rather than you. as anyone i’m sure you’ve had an experience where a book is written so well and reads so effortlessly and is so entrancing and also another experience where reading a book is painful and boring and tedious.


    • Oh, yes, I used the audio function of the reading app. I didn’t hate the book. It’s too short to be tedious, and maybe too short to be ‘moving’. I just realized, for me, it was impossible to remember new words from the book by reading it just once. My 記憶力 is not that good.

      I wish I liked Korean TV shows and K-dramas, it would be so helpful for my Korean learning if I did. Sadly, I think they’re boring, I can never make myself watch the entire show. I really want to like them. I only watch short cuts from K-dramas and Korean variety shows on YouTube and try to learn some Korean from them. I admire that you can still watch the Korean variety shows when you blog how much you hate them. 🙂


  3. I don’t make myself watch Korean tv show I hate. I do hate nearly all Korean dramas. I’m saying in particular about Korean tv shows. I hate most Korean tv shows but I also did find ones I like. Also like I said like in regards to the book I take the liberty to fast forward and whatnot. I do not make myself read or watch anything I don’t like


  4. I just realized, for me, it was impossible to remember new words from the book by reading it just once. My 記憶力 is not that good.

    For me I can remember from my first encounter for most cards due to my current level and familiarity with Korean as well as my McD anki format .. I’ve found an anki format that really works for me . The other thing is I learn Korean words something that I particularly find interesting to watch.


  5. Well I meant audio as in real people talking with emotion or conviction or whatever. Unless the audio function is a recording of a person talking it wouldn’t make an impact.


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